• Vox pop: The views of some participants

    The conference about: «Science with Africa: improving African participation in global research and development» is started on March 3th at Uneca conference center in Addis Ababa. Some participants expressed their views and expectations about this meeting.

    William Armand Mala, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

    Science is becoming a key challenge for development in Africa. Scientific knowledge can help to transform the reality through innovative system approach which is the encounter between science and society in order to improve social and economic gains.
    About this conference; I expect an assessment of status of R&D in Africa, to identify what are the opportunities and the actions to be taken in next years to create a productive interface between policy, science and society in order to produce sustainable wealth.
    I hope due to the quality of the participants which are coming from various decision-making and socio-economic levels

    Nasser Assem, Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane (Morocco)

    My area of research and teaching is Computer Science; therefore I strive to find good application to ICT in various domains. As an example, I have recently been working on a Data Mining project to help a Telecom operator to analyze clients' data for marketing and services purposes. Concerning this conference, I expect to learn about ways to learn/exchange R&D ideas and applications with African colleagues both in academia and other public/private sector. I certainly hope the conference can satisfy my expectations. I'm confident that the different and rich African experiences that are here represented can help achieve that.

    Tufa Dinkum International Research Institute for Climate and Society USA

    I am an associate research scientist in climate and environmental monitoring, and interested in the use of ICT for the dissemination of climate information to the user community at the grassroots level. I wish to establish some cooperation on climate and development with relevant African institutions. Of course! I think this conference can satisfy your expectation.

    Fouad Berrada Al Akhawayn University In Ifrane (Morrocco)

    Icts and science are linked because ICTs can fasten the transfer and use of science especially in remote areas. For me, this conference is a great occasion to share experiences and establish collaborations worldwide and more precisely in Africa. About the fact this conference can satisfy my hope, I can say: “Perhaps because it's to early to say that, but we are optimistic”.

    Remarks collected by Ramata Soré

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